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Hello there,

We are Thermika headwear and we were born during the chaotic 2020 in the city of Barcelona with the purpose of breaking old patterns designing soft chemo headwear with thermo-regulatory technology created by NASA.

We know that hair loss is one of the most difficult side effects to wear for many women in cancer treatments, and alopecia, but we also believe that choosing headwear that make you feel better, it can be an experience that encourages you, if you have quality, design and health in the fabric.

How it all started?

Our story begins when someone close to us explained how difficult it had been for her to find accessories during her chemotherapy treatment with which she felt comfortable looking in the mirror.

She also told us that with the hot flashes and sudden changes in temperature, she ended up buying several hats that she didn't like, but that protected her.

So we got down to work with all our passion and a single goal in mind: we had the mission of creating an accessory that would solve the thermal problem with which to also feel and look good.

We begin to ask, how? Well, that's what we asked ourselves!

The Community

It turns out that through Instagram we found a community of women of all ages, whohelped themselves by giving each other support, sharing their experiences, their thoughts..

This past 2 years has been a great trip with more than 30 of you. Deciding your favorite colors and patterns, how the shapes should be: ready to wear, with long ties to play with, among many other details.

And although we have come to the conclusion that there is no one and only perfect headwear, we do believe that it is the sum of small gestures that makes us feel better.

So our hope is to be a positive change and with it: to exist in life with a purpose.


Cristina del Rey (automatic translation from Spanish)

They really are soft and comfortable, the temperature is a 10. When walking you don't feel hot or cold, you don't sweat even under a motorcycle helmet. You also get volume on you head.



I think the one with heart print and the one with soft blue lake flowers with long ties on the back look great. They have been very comfortable for me. The soft salmon one with short ties is my favorite because during winter when you wear a scarf or with the collar of your coat it can bother if the headwear has long ties. Handfeel fabric is super nice in all of them, very soft and comfortable.


Samantha Moreno (automatic translation from Spanish)

I had the opportunity to test some different thermika headwear. I had already finished chemotherapy, but I was still had no hair and it was still winter, so they were very useful to me... First of all, the presentation was super careful, I received them in a beautiful box. There were a few styles, there was a beanie hat that I used every day, nice and delicate turbans and headwrap with long ties, which allow you to tie knots or bows and it looks like a handkerchief, but very easy to put on. The fabrics, in addition are beautiful, were soft and allowed to maintain body temperature. In moments of hot flushes by hormonal imbalance, the fabric helped me. The styles are beautiful, practical and versatile, wearing them made me feel beautiful, which is very important at that moment when, in addition to physical discomfort and the difficult time we are going through, we find our image totally altered. Are these details like these, headwear, a bit of makeup can raise our spirits and make the journey through the treatment more bearable. I am very happy about this type of undertaking, which is inspired by the emotional well-being of cancer patients, if we feel beautiful!, we will feel good and we can be more animated during our healing process. Thank you for the opportunity to test the product. I definitely recommend it.


Maria (automatic translation from Spanish)

The quality is excellent, I feel very comfortable with them, I look pretty. They are fabrics that do not give you heat when it is really hot, thanks for counting on us. Receiving the hats gave me a shot of joy, when my daughter came with the 5 hats she couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot


Maria Re (automatic translation from Spanish)

Dear!! I want to tell you that today I went rafting with one of the headwraps and although the water was frozen (3Cº) and I fell into the water (I'm clumsy), my head has never been cold!!!!!!


Beni Palanco (automatic translation from Spanish)

all very nice and very comfortable. The truth is that I am giving them a lot of use. I love them😍😍😍


Alexandra P (automatic translation from Spanish)

Thermika headwear are super good for me, also the heat has already started and the days that I have used them I have noticed that it did not overwhelm me so much. As for the size, as they are adjustable, it is easy for them to fit well.


Leonisa B (automatic translation from Spanish)

Thanks for the headwear, they are wonderful, they are beautiful and super comfortable and have a perfect handfeel. you don't feel over heat!


Jennifer B (automatic translation from Spanish)

They seemed to me softer than other bamboo ones I tried, very comfortable, they do not cause allergies and they adapt to your head, helping me to feel comfortable.


Belen G (automatic translation from Spanish)

Headwear have been comfortable for me, especially the blue one I have grown very fond of, even when sleeping, it is one of the least I fall off because I can tighten it a little.


Iris C (automatic translation from Spanish)

The reversible is the one I've used the most, it fits great (neither too much nor too tight) and it's comfortable even for sleeping. The fact that it is reversible is a plus and for me it adds points because it is still a normal and ordinary beanie, so you don't look like a "person with cancer".


D. Del Vall. Crespo (automatic translation from Spanish)

The fabrics are wonderful! they protect and have a wide variety of patterns and styles to feel comfortable and bright.


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