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I had the opportunity to test various models of thermikaheadwear accessories. I had already finished chemotherapy, but I was still bald and it was still winter, so they were very useful for me.

First of all, the presentation is super careful, I received them in a beautiful box. There were several models, there was a cap that he used every day, precious and delicate turbans and a cap with long ribbons that allow you to tie knots or bows and it looks like a handkerchief, but very easy to put on.

The fabrics, in addition to being very beautiful, were soft and allowed to maintain body temperature. At times of hot flashes caused by hormonal imbalance, the fabric did not suffocate me.

The models are beautiful, practical and versatile, wearing them made me feel beautiful, which is very important at that moment when, in addition to physical discomfort and the difficult moment we are going through, we find our image totally altered. Details like these, an accessory, a bit of makeup can raise our spirits and make the journey through treatment more bearable.

I am very happy about this type of undertaking, which is inspired by the emotional well-being of cancer patients, if we feel beautiful!, we will feel good and we can be more animated during our healing process.

Thank you for the opportunity to test the product. I definitely recommend it.


Samantha Moreno (Lion)

They really are comfortable and soft, the temperature is a 10. When walking you don't feel hot or cold, you don't sweat even under a motorcycle helmet. You also get volume.

christina del rey (Barcelona)

I think the models of hearts and branches with the long loops on the back look great. They have been very comfortable for me. The salmon with short ties is my favorite because in winter when you wear a scarf or with the collar of your coat it can bother a model with longer ties. The texture of all of them is super nice, very soft and comfortable.

VICTORY Susana Take's mother

The quality is excellent, I feel very comfortable with them, I look pretty. They are fabrics that do not give you heat when it is really hot, thanks for counting on us. Receiving the hats gave me a shot of joy, when my daughter came with the 5 hats I couldn't be happier. Many thanks

MARIA Paula M's mother (Zaragoza)

Precious!! I want to tell you that today I went rafting with one of the hats and although the water was frozen (3Cº) and I fell into the water (I'm clumsy), my head has never been cold!!!

Maria Re (Barcelona)

All very nice and very comfortable. The truth is that I am giving them a lot of use. I love them 😍😍😍

Beni Palanco (HUELVA)

The scarves are super good for me, also the heat has already started and the days that I have used them I have noticed that it did not overwhelm me so much. As for the size, as they are adjustable, it is easy for them to fit well.

Alexandra P. (Barcelona)

Thanks for the scarves, they are wonderful, they are beautiful and super comfortable and have a perfect touch. and nothing hot!

Leonisa B. (Castellon)

They have seemed softer than other bamboo ones, very comfortable, they do not cause allergies and they adapt to the head, they have helped me feel comfortable.

Jennifer B. (Madrid)

The hats have been comfortable for me, especially the blue one I have grown very fond of, even when sleeping, it is one of the least I fall off because I can tighten it a little.

Belen G. (Valencia)

The reversible is the one I've used the most, it fits great (neither too much nor too tight) and it's comfortable even for sleeping. That it is reversible is a plus and for me it adds points because it is still a normal hat, so it does not remain a "person with cancer".

Iris C. (Barcelona)

The fabrics are wonderful! they protect and have a wide variety of patterns and styles to feel comfortable and bright.

Mr. Del Val Crespo

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