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Chemotherapy is often symbolic of a double penalty: sudden changes in temperature and hair loss or alopecia.

This got us thinking and we began to investigate. After listening to the experiences of many women, we decided to create a product to help you with side effects of treatment throughout the process, and we achieve it thanks to Outlast® technology!

While you wear them we regulate your temperature

¿What is Outlast®?

 It is a technology originally created by NASA to protect astronauts from thermal variations in space.

Outlast® is the only technology capable of optimal temperature regulation while wicking away perspiration. It's a smart fabric that keeps you warm when it's cold and cool by absorbing excess heat.

Yes! You heard right! A technology by NASA

Elasticity and softness

It is softer and more delicate to the touch than bamboo.

Less sweat over hot flashes

Maintains constant temperature by decreasing sweat

Protect you from cold

Releases stored heat keeping you warm when it's cold

Wash resistant no pilling

Resistant to washing without making balls when used

Natural hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic and toxic-free natural fabric

Find out how Outlast® works

How does it work?

Outplast® technology uses microencapsulated phase change materials called thermocules that absorb, store and release heat creating a constant microclimate on your skin.

OK, but
How does it do it?

Think about what happens to an ice cube when you put it in a drink. As ice melts, it absorbs heat and keeps your drink cold longer.

Well, phase change materials (PCM) work in a similar way. The difference is that they are microencapsulated to continuously regulate the temperature of your skin. That is, as the skin cools, the microcapsules release heat and as the skin warms, the cold is released.

This translates into the constant thermal regulation of your skin, so you feel more comfortable and perspire less.

thermika outlast technology

Our certifications are a guarantee of quality

STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex® Clases I y II

International ecological label for textile products free of substances harmful to health.


Outlast is the thermo-regulating technology applied to Thermika Headwear products.


Registered trademark of the Space Foundation recognizing Outlast® as technology for space


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